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Greetings, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my story!


At the early age of three, I was faced with adversity when my mother
died of cancer. My father, being a handicapped veteran, was unable to
care for my brother Ray and I so our maternal grandparents, (Fred and
Susie Pinkney) adopted us. Our grandparents raised eleven children of
their own, two of which were mentally disabled. When my grandparents
died, their oldest daughter Pearl took over the responsibility of caring
for her mentally disabled younger brother and sister. She is truly one
of God’s angels on earth. However,when her health began to decline I
stepped up to the plate to assist in the care of my uncle and aunts.
Our grandparents instilled in us the importance of helping each other
when needed. This was my responsibility as a Child of God. I was also
holding down a full time job, and trying to hold on to my vision and my
dream of being an entrepreneur.

I was raised in a very loving atmosphere and my grandparents taught us
that it was very important and of great value to our well being, and
success in life to have our own one on one relationship with our
creator, and to put God first in our lives. I thank my grandparents for
their wisdom and spiritual up bringing….. which I believe has given me
God’s favor.

My senior year in high school, I was chosen as the best all around
athlete and was presented the Coaches Award. I am one of the first of
two African American females to get a full basketball scholarship at
Wake Forest University, where I earned a Bachelors degree in Mass
Communication and Theater Arts. After college I then played on the first
professional women’s basketball team in Charlotte NC. in the (NWBA)
National Women’s Basketball Association, and the team was called,” The
Carolina Blaze”. The league folded after several months because of lack
of funding. I then left the States to go to Europe to play Division one
professional women’s basketball… first, in Aix En Provence and then I
played in Brussels Belgium for several years .I also taught physical
education to middle school girls at Saint John’s International School,
and I was assistant coach for the high school girl’s softball team, and
head coach for the middle school boy’s, and girl’s basketball teams,
and both of the basketball teams I worked with won International
championships. During this time I became good friends with a gentleman
who played on the men’s division one basketball team name Gregory Jones.
He discovered my musical talents when he auditioned me to be apart of
his band as back vocalist and dancer. He later wrote and produced
several songs for me.

Later I signed with an Independent European Record Label that licensed
out the first song that I had ever sung, wrote, and co-produced…. to
several major record labels, SONY/BMG,and EMI/SBK. My song called, “The
Atmosphere That Surrounds Me”, became an International hit song, number
one on the dance charts in several European countries. It was voted on
as the most promising song of the year at the biggest music and film
festival in the world in 1990, called The Cannes Film And Music
Festival. During that time I opened up for Chaka Khan in Frankfurt
Germany, and performed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. Due
to irreconcilable differences, I was forced to wait ten years to
continue the pursuit of my dreams.

My experiences overseas and the adversities that I have faced have
inspired and given me the motivation to start my own Independent Record
Label called, “Ladies Wit Game “, which symbolizes ladies using their
minds in the game of life and promotes girls and women playing
basketball all over the world. To create, release, market, promote and
sell music which inspires peace, harmony, positivity and love for all
mankind. My music has been compared to legendary artists such as,
Phyllis Hyman & Betty Wright. I am on a mission with a passion. I
formed my record label so that I could be treated fairly and honestly
and treat others the same. My brother Ray, as well as, my experiences
overseas also motivated me to start my teaching and working with the
youth in the same community in which we were raised. My brother said
that I work well with our today’s youth. I have the gift to inspire
and motivate them and others, in starting a positive flow in their
lives. I love and enjoy helping our today’s youth and whom ever to
realize their God- given gifts and talents. I want them to pursue those
gifts and talents no matter what adversities they may face and to
embrace adversities with a positive flow.

In 2007 I invested my small amount of 401 k benefit money, and my
brother invested a small amount to help me get things off the ground…
so it has been a rough journey. However, I was taught to never ever give
up on God or myself. This spiritual uplifting and outlook on life, is
what I desire to manifest in each and every living soul. To God Be The

I am promoting the 2011 remix of my European hit song, “The Atmosphere
that Surrounds Me”; the song that I wrote to inspire the youth of today
to always choose the road less traveled with a positive attitude ,”A
Positive Flow”. Also 2 songs from my full length neo- soul album, “A
Special Love” , and “Candy.” And last, but definitely not least, the
song that gives tribute to women playing basketball all over the world,
“Lady Ballers”(aka) “Ladies With Game”.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and helping me, as well
as, helping me to help others …………. Never Stop Dreaming!

For more information on my project:

Google – E. Henderson

Take care and God Bless!


Sonya E.