Phyllis Hyman – Riding The Tiger (Dance Version)

Bro Dephat

January 18th, 2014


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1983_ Producer — Narada Michael Walden Written-By — Dwayne Simmons, Jeffrey Cohen.


  1. Sharone Wilson says:

    Loved this one…still can’t believe Phyllis hated this song! I would have
    loved to see her performed this one live. She was amazing in her live
    shows…sounding just like her records! Rihanna should remake this one. Not
    because Rihanna sounds this good, but because she could make it funky! or
    maybe Melanie Fiona!

  2. Richard Coles says:

    What was so phenomenal about her as an artist was that even though this
    wasn’t a song that she liked…she was still able to pour her spirit into
    that song and make it something that everyone who really loved her still
    appreciated and enjoyed! She loved us more than we loved and still love
    her! She explained several times that we were the only reason she lived to
    sing. She will be missed always and remembered forever!!!

  3. SouLoveReal says:

    I was enchanted to see Phyllis sing at least 4 songs from this album
    (Goddess Of Love) back in April of 1983 when it was released. She opened at
    the now defunct but very relevant Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos,
    California; just 25 to 30 minutes south of San Francisco. By the end of
    1983 when her live concert promotional responsibilities of this album came
    to and end, she never sang any of the songs again in concert. She HATED
    every song on this album for MANY reasons that I know… (cont)

  4. SouLoveReal says:

    See my comment(s).

  5. Erika McQueen says:

    Narada was known as a hit maker.. but Phyllis deeply hated this song. I can
    hear Angela Bofill sing this too

  6. annette iannuzzi says:

    love you phyliss riding the tiger that’s the balls and so was she, now
    that’s music this inner city girl know good music when she hears, sing it
    phyliss…. love ya girl

  7. annette iannuzzi says:

    R I P phyliss

  8. Richard Coles says:

    This was definately a serious groove!!!! You had to be there!!!!

  9. SouLoveReal says:

    …(cont)… but I don’t. I must have bee so in aw of her to remember her
    singing that song, but I do remember her doing some sort or “Egyptian”
    moves (she was also a cut-up on stage). Some of you think that these songs
    could be covered by other artists today. NNNNNOT!!! As “Richard Coles”
    posting on here commented, “You had to be there.”

  10. SouLoveReal says:

    See my comment(s). But also, Angela had just released, simultaneously, her
    “Too Tough” album, also produced by Narada Michael Walden.

  11. SouLoveReal says:

    See my comment(s). Yes, you HAD to be there.

  12. SouLoveReal says:

    See my comment(s).

  13. ldm0584 says:

    i’m scared to say i like this song in fear of phyllis slappin me from
    beyond the grave lol. so i’ll just say its very catchy.

  14. Nykki Boyd says:

    She did detest this song and many others from the GOL album, BUT this would
    probably fare well in Pop today if covered right (with a few updates to the
    track as well). Her vocals are legit, the lyrics are light, and the licks
    in this song are too tight and really fun too! Definitely a jam. Let’s not
    forget she did pass on “What’s Love Got to Do With It” so… BUT I LOVE
    YOU, PHYL!!!! =)

  15. SouLoveReal says:

    …(cont)… but for not one reason that I could understand. Granted, it
    all had to do with the cut-throat culture of the music industry and its
    moguls (?can you say “Clive Davis”), but also because she had no say-so
    (artistic control or input) in the songs for the album. The songs she sang
    that night from the album were, *Riding The Tiger, *Why Did You Turn Me On,
    *Your Move, My Heart, and *Let Somebody Love You. My friends remember her
    singing “Goddess Of Love” that night; … (cont)…

  16. michel lefebvre says:

    so talented..very sad..

  17. ksun says:

    One “dislike”?–Phyl, is that you? lol